Perfumery Line

Starting a business with perfume and body mist products for women and men with a variety of popular fragrance variants. Each perfume and body mist is packaged with unique and different packaging to highlight the product's characteristics. The company always innovates with the latest trends to meet market needs. By using the latest technology and meeting the standards of the National BPOM which is capable of producing tens of thousands of bottles per day.

The entire series of production processes are carried out in a single factory location, starting from the extraction, distillation to filling in the packages. This of course will facilitate the product control process in the factory so as to produce the best quality up to the hands of consumers.

Cosmetic Line

Currently, cosmetics are not only a complementary product but a must-have product for most women. The increasing market demand has made PT Implora Sukses Abadi begin to penetrate the decorative world. Starting with only producing powder, eyeshadow, and solid lipstick, now the company has made and released more than 50 SKUs from all existing makeup lines for all Indonesian women.

In every cosmetic product manufacture, the company does a mixing process which is done in a special room. In this process, each selected ingredient that will be used is selected and meets the standardization of BPOM. The materials that have been selected are then processed in a special room which will then go through a process of mixing, pumping and filtration.

Personal Care Line

Supported by the latest and efficient technology, PT Implora Sukses Abadi creates a variety of personal care products that have gone through a thorough research and development process as solutions to consumer needs.

PT Implora Sukses Abadi always strives to meet consumer needs, one of which is the provision of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and disinfectants which are clinically proven to eradicate germs and officially at the Indonesian Ministry of Health. In line with market’s taste, the company present hand sanitizer with a wide selection of scents such as Lime, Lavender, and Aloe Vera. The entire range of personal care is made with advanced technology in a sterile manner and is a separate building from the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics.