Founded by Mr. Go Wie Liem and his wife Mrs. Sri Melani in 2002 under the name CV Priskila Mandiri Utama, with only his wife and two employees started a perfumery business with a brand named Implora. Mr. Go Wie Liem began marketing their products by word of mouth. Turned out that the perfume was responded well by the public. 

Along with the changing trend of women's needs, CV Priskila Mandiri Utama began to innovate in producing decorative products, such as face powder, eyeshadow and solid lipstick, which are distributed focusely in Java and Bali.

At its peak in 2017, CV Priskila Mandiri Utama made the Urban Lip Cream Matte product which received a very good response in the beauty community. Urban Lip Cream Matte presents its quality at an affordable price, so it becomes a woman's best friend.

In the same year CV Priskila Mandiri joined PT Kapal Api Global and is currently changing its name to PT Implora Sukses Abadi. Not only focusing on perfume and decorative production, but the company also began to enter the personal care industry, such as hand sanitizers and disinfectants. The company continues to innovate to create products that are able to provide solutions according to consumer needs.

"Beauty is not about race, age, gender, race or sexual orientation. Beauty belongs to everyone, it encourages us to create cosmetics of the highest quality and can be enjoyed by all women" - Go Wie Liem